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WOW! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE A HEARTWARMING FIRE NOW! Whoa. Before the devil steals away your blessing with common presumption-  FREE doesn't mean the book is so incredibly boring that you fall asleep on page one. FREE doesn't mean without true worth or quality.  FREE means the author just wants to be gracious and freely give what he freely has received. Angels In The Snow has actually been a life changing, provocative yet heartwarming Christmas story for many people. It's has a message that is guaranteed to touch your heart and challenge your perspectives. What if a woman could actually live in an alternate future where she could see what life would have been like if she had kept her children instead of aborting them? This is the powerful premise of Angel's In The Snow. It has put a fire in many hearts already with a passionate blaze to really try to "save babies and their mothers too". Those who have read the book have been inspired to look at abortion not just as a political or social issue but as it truly is, an issue of the heart. Angels In The Snow is actually a very easy read. You can digest the entire book in less time it takes some folks to get out of bed. So snuggle up to some hot cocoa or cappuccino by the fireplace and read a story that can literally change your life! Download "Angels In The Snow In Your Choice Of Format Or Device. Please Share This Gift With Someone This Christmas! Give The Link To This Site Or Even Download Any/All Files Below And Email!  Here are the files-
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PLEASE HELP US!!! Angels In The Snow The Movie?

Yes. We are dreaming big. Why not?

Those who have read the book agree that it would make a great movie to truly help the Pro-Life cause. Hollywood knows the power of entertainment and how it does more than “just entertain” but helps to shift people’s minds and hearts towards intellectual and social agendas. Turning the story of “Angels In The Snow” into a movie would not only bring a fresh awareness of the abortion issue to the forefront of the headline media but also would challenge many people to rethink their Pro-Choice position. There are not many movies out there that actually confront the issue of abortion with a dramatic yet heartwarming story, and a Christmas story at that. A heartwarming Christmas story that could cause a fire to ignite the passion of hundreds of thousands! Wouldn’t that be awesome?  This was actually my dream from the beginning, when I first wrote “Angels In The Snow”. I know some will assume I am being audacious and presuming to consider my own work to excel to such a level… but you tell me, what is faith, hope and pursuit of your dreams? Is it not audacity and presumption in the raw? Is it not a confident but humble aspiration to see your original intentions come to complete fruition? When I first wrote the story, I wrote it with the idea of trying to convey a heartfelt truth in a heartwarming story. I actually first imagined it in as a movie before I began writing it. This is why I am now working on a screenplay, a movie script that follows very closely to the original story. Pray for God’s anointing on it.

I make no apologies for dreaming big. Only God knows my heart- How I sincerely want to try to make a difference in saving precious babies and their mothers too. I don’t wish for the fame and fortune of this dying world… Eternity swiftly approaches and my heart will be judged by my Creator soon. So I strive to keep the love of this world out of my life. But as long as I am shuffling along with broken humanity in this world, I yearn for grace and truth to prevail. I only wish for justice and mercy… I only wish that beautiful babies would quit being slaughtered in this present darkness. I really think that the story of “Angels In The Snow”  turned into a movie might just reach untold millions with a provocative and powerful message. It just might turn the hearts of mothers back to their babies, the hearts of fathers back to their children. This is why I dream big. Not for wealth, prestige and notoriety but for the hope and prayer of “His will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven…” ~ Heath Christopher Goodman

If a fire was created in you by this book, I ask you to pray about helping us dream big, helping us see the story turned into a movie. Please go to our indiegogo project page to find out more how you can help us by donating some of your time, resources or finances in making a very worthy project happen! You can make a difference!